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Welcome to our product website for
Children's Health First, Inc. owner of the STATStrap & STATtape product line 


A hospital acquired infection is not only potentially dangerous for the patient that acquires it, but can also be extremely costly to the facility where it occurred. Proper use of disposable protective products may help prevent a painful experience for both patients and healthcare facilities.


Children's Health First, Inc. was started in 2008 with the mission to offer much needed safety oriented medical products for the Neonatal and Pediatric medical care arena. Our primary premise is to identify safety needs and to offer innovative products to help mitigate identified hazards. 


Children's Health First. Inc. applies their experience in product design and manufacturing to the needs of neonatal and pediatric patients and care providers. Our product ideas are born from input from specialized care providers who identify a need for products, which will serve to mitigate real hazards or provide clinical benefits to their pediatric patients. 


Children's Health First, Inc. believes that there is a severe void of products that address the unique needs of specialized transport teams in their mission of providing mobile critical care ( ground and air ) to an extremely vulnerable patient population. The basic premise is to provide clean disposable safety products that stop the spread of pathogens between patients, and reduce the likelihood of pathogens being present in the care environment. Children's Health First, Inc. is also addressing the needs of providing a true "crash-worthy" restraint device for both the neonatal and pediatric transported patient.


Our product line, marketed as "STATStrap", provide both medical care features for the care provider as well as added safety protection for the patient.


We welcome care provider's ideas and comments on our products. We strongly believe in supporting the care provider through sales and educational offerings that will enhance the medical care provision for these truly fragile and unique patients. Please provide your feedback, needs and ideas.

Children's Health First, Inc. is now  cleared by the FDA to distribute the re-designed and safer "Fall Protection" incubator safety straps "SS-001" & "SS-002" under our STATStrap brand. These straps are the best product on the market for safe guarding an infant within a transport incubator and complying with The Joint Commission mandates for fall protection within a medical facility. We offer these two products as  disposable single patient use products, to ensure that each newborn is safeguarded with  clean and new protective straps. "SS-001" is packaged in complete set of four straps that can be used with International BioMedical's Airborne and GE Medical Transport incubators. Model "SS-002" are designed with a strong wire hook attachment for transport incubators that have hole mounting points within the transport incubator, such as the Air-Shields/ Draeger Globetrotter and model # TI500


SS-001 &SS-002 are sold in two packaging quanities

For small facilities they are available in a 25 set  box package


And for larger facilities a 100 set case packaging.



We extend credit to all worthy hospitals and transport agencies.


Don't be fooled by other distributors who sell a "SET" of safety straps as being only a two piece ( making one strap) set.  Our use of the term "set" means just that! A set of four pieces that make up a complete patient use restraint, composed of two complete straps and a small tie strap.


We believe our straps are the softest and safest straps available.

Air-Shields Isolette is a registered trademark of Drager Medical, Airborne is a trademark of International Bio Medical Inc. ( no affilation with Children's Health First, Inc.)

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Neonatal Transport Incubator Safety Straps

One set of incubator safety strap / 5 pieces total
SS-001 (hook & loop tab attachments)

SS-001 Wing Tabs for better tensile strength

For use in inner-hospital infant transport incubators two models are available.
SS-001 (pictured above)  &
SS-002 ( pictured below)

SS-002 ( Wire hook attachments)

SS-002 Set of four straps with wire hooks plus Tie
Safety "Tie Wrap" adds stability and strength to the set

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