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Two functional safety straps
SS-208C Caution Airway Strap and SS-210C Critical tubing Strap
Our line of tubing securing straps add significant security and safety to ventilator tubes and other critical tubes and lines. Patient safety should always be a top priority.

SS-208C clip attaches securely

CAUTION! Airway .... This strap gets people's attention ! Just what you want around critical airway circuits. Reduce risk of Extubations and trauma to airways. A secure airway tube is less likely to cause trauma or loss of a critical airway.
The SS-208C strap, wraps around the ventilator tubing circuit and allows it to be clipped to bedding of supine patients or patient's gowns for trach patients.  Bright color and printing gets the message accross to family members and guest. Great for Kangaroo Care in the NICU when parents are holding infant. Currently in use at many hospitals across the USA as a primary safety measure in their PICU, ED, and NICU for ventilated patients. Made with strong velcro and spring metal clip. Not recommended for MRI use due to metal clip. Single patient use. Latex Free
Made in USA!
Packaged in 100 units / bag.

SS-210C Wrap around Critical Tubing Strap

Wrap this strap around any tubing that is critical to stay attached to patient or patient's bed. Soft fabric wraps around the tubing and is secured closed by nylon velcro style tab. The all metal spring clip secures the strap and held tube securely where desired. Great for all lines such as chest tubes, ventilator circuits, feeding tubes, foleys, suction devices etc. Can be used during transport and Kangaroo Care in the NICU, so that a safety margin is maintained while the patient is being positioned and moved. Place one or a few where securement is needed, helps prevent tubing from being dislodged from patient. Text on the strap reinforces caution to all personnel or family handling patient; "Caution Critical Tubing" The strap's foam can also be cut to make it smaller. Not recommended for MRI use.
This is a single patient use item.
Latex Free.
Made in USA!
Packaged in 100 units / bag.