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item # ST-5807 STATtape Latex Free masking tape

Each manufactured lot is randomly tested by an independent laboratory using the ELISA Inhibition Assay; ASTM D 6499-07 test standard for the presence of natural latex proteins.

Construction: Crepe Paper

Color: Natural

Physical Properties:

  • Thickness: 4.8mils(0.12mm)
  • 2" Wide x 60 yards per roll
  • Tensile Strength: 18lbs/ inch width
  • Adhesion to Stainless Steel: 40oz/inch width
  • Elongation: 9%
  • Application temp.: 60F/16C and above recommended
  • Service Temp Range 40-150F (5-66C)


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Masking tape containing (NRL) latex is used throughout hospitals, clinics, schools, and industry with no thought of it being a hazard, but in fact all major brands of masking tapes contain high quantities of Latex based adhesives ( >80%).


Tape manufactures do not label their products with the product’s chemical and physical characteristics, but rather list the contents as a “trade secret”.


Masking tapes often go though multiple repackaging and relabeling phases, making the true source of the tape difficult or impossible to trace. Bargain brands often switch between source manufactures from many domestic and foreign sources to get the best price. This results in a ever changing chemical composition within a private labeled brand tape.


Hospitals, schools, and many other industries buy masking tape for a multitude of uses, and many rolls end up in areas where sensitive patients, students, or employees work and play.


Once in the environment, masking tape is used for thousands of uses, and is handled by everyone. Each time the (NRL) latex tape is applied, removed, or torn, thousands of latex particles are transferred to the environment and potentially to everyone! Latex in this form can increase EVERYONES potential for sensitivity and allergic reactions. ( an estimated 10% of the population has sensitivity to latex, and this percentage will grow with increase exsposure)


We urge you to check your use of masking tape in your hospitals, schools, clinics, homes, and work area. Take action to remove this hazard as a means of safe guarding everyone's environment and health.

Children's Health First Inc. now provides a "Latex Free"  safe Masking Tape. If you are interested in receiving information about this new product, send an e-mail or call us.
STATtape item # ST-5807 is available to EVERYONE !
If you are a general consumer who wants to buy STATtape for home, school, or crafts we have provided a link to our
E-Bay Store above.
Healthcare facilities and large industries should contact us through our regular sales department for establishment of an account for purchasing case Qty.
 We provide proof of latex free properties with each order.