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STATStrap® Neo Wraps
SS-306 Infant (top) & SS-103 Preemie (bottom)

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STATStrap® Neonatal Foam Wraps


Our Neonatal Foam Wraps are functionally different than other brands, these little wraps are designed specifically for the neonatal patient. Here is why there is no comparison with other brands:


Foam wraps have two soft sides..... Other brands put raw blue polyurethane foam up against the patient’s skin, our wraps have soft knit on both side. This means that they are kinder to the skin, softer for patient, provide more cushioning, and better shielding of light.


By providing the soft knit on the inside of the wrap, our wraps serve multiple purposes:


·       Standard function to shield optical sensors from outside light

·       Can be used as a cushion on infant’s extremities that are prone to skin breakdown, especially where heels or elbows contact with mattress or linens can rub skin raw.

·       Are sized to fit under admission ID bands to provide a soft barrier between the patient ID bracelet and the skin.

·       Inside knit allows for attachment of special hook/adhesive “dots” These “dots” are provided with our wraps, use them to hold a gauze pad or cotton ball in-place following a heel stick or venous puncture. The wrap provides minimal pressure to the puncture site, while the absorbent surface helps with clotting the site. Use of our wraps eliminates the use of adhesive tapes and bandaids on sensitive neonatal skin. Remove “dots” from wrap and dispose of with used cotton. Wrap can be used again and again. We even sell extra "dots" should you need more.


Wrap are packaged in polybags of 50 units with “dots” / per size

Single patient use  ( can be reused many times )



    SS-306  Standard Neonatal / Infant 

    SS-103  Preemie Neonatal ( 23 weeks – ~28 weeks)


SS-306-D     Extra "Dots" only for SS-306  (500 dots)

SS-103-D     Extra "Dots" only for SS-103  (500 dots)

Neo Wrap Preemie & Neonatal Infant

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