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SS-204- VOW (Venous) & SS-204-AOW (Arterial)
Line & Pump Labeling tabs

SS-204-VOW Venous Line & PumpTab 3/4" X 4"

SS-204-AOW Artrial Line & Pump tab 3/4" x 4"

These labeling tabs are made to sandwich around IV lines or mount on IV Pumps, inorder to serve three functions at once:
  • Identify the line type (color coded) and what it is used for (by white writing area)
  • Provide a means to coil exess IV line and hold the line in a particular position
  • Provide visual identification of the source of the line and what medication it carries ( IV Pump)

These tabs have a Velcro type back surface so they can mount to receiving tabs on IV Pumps, bed linen, or other bed area surfaces or poles.

The center section of these tabs can be opened so that a IV line can be placed within or coiled within to tidy up the excess IV line.

Write on white area with a "Sharpie" type pen to identify medication or line type.

. They are color coded for either identifying venous or arterial line, and each has a white area whereby the infusing medication or type of line can be written on the tab. These tabs can assist in helping prevent catastrophic medication infusion errors. By clearly identifying the type of line and the medication running through it, staff are less prone to connect non-comaptible medications, or other devices to the lines. Each tab is intended for a single patient use. 100% Nylon / Non- Sterile
Available in packs of 100 tabs per poly-bag.