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More items that help with providing for a safer neonatal transport

Click for more pictures of SS-310-SRG

Model # SS-310-SRG
Red # SS-310-SRG shown with red power cord held

Use our SS-310-SRG to hold power cords, oxygen and air lines. This strap can be conveniently placed to hold cords that might otherwise be in the way. The strap is made of heavy duty webbing with a 1" side release non-metallic buckle. Mount this strap assembly with a screw through the provided metal eyelet. Simply un do the buckle, loop the cord over the webbing and re-fasten the buckle. Available in two colors, Royal Blue or Red.

Model # SS-700-CS
Patient Monitoring Cable Sleeve

Our Model SS-700-CS Monitor Cable Sleeve adds convience and efficiency to patient care. The Monitor Cable Sleeve is made of high grade vinyl with electro-sonic welded hook and loop fabric on the inside to securely wrap around your bundled monitor cables. By bundling your most frequently used cables together, you protect the cables and are assured that that they all are right where you need them, at the patient's side. No more lost cables, or cables lying around in different places. This sleeve also makes cleaning between patients fast and safe. Simply wipe down the sleeve with any disenfectant and return to state of readiness ( No stitch holes to harbor pathogens!). Typical uses are on Neonatal Transport Incubators, Ground and Air Ambulance Multi-parameter monitors, ICU units, and Emergency Departments. Convenient clip at patient end allows for the bundled sleeve of cables to be attached to bed linen, or patient gown. Monitor end of sleeve has stress relieving tab, that can fasten to monitor taking the strain off the cables. Cables will last longer when placed within the sleeve.

Typical monitoring cables to include into your sleeve are: ECG, NIBP ( Non-Invasive Blood Pressure), Invasive BP, SPO2 (Pulse Oximetry), Temperature Probe Cables.  Cable Sleeve comes in a 100" length, and can be custom cut to fit all varied length of monitor cables. Complete instructions for installation included. Installation time per cable sleeve averages 10 minutes.

Patient Cables at end of Monitor Sleeve