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Functional products for use with all Neonatal Transport Incubators

Model # SS-600 Total Access Thermal Hood Cover
Superior design and Family Center Care features

Our Model SS-600 Total Access Thermal Hood Cover is designed strong and highly functional for Neonatal Transport Care. Our new design features more viewing and access points than any other hood cover available, as well as being made of the highest quality materials. We start off by using heavy weight Herculite Vinyl fabric, this fabric is strong and non-absorbing, so pathogens can't seep into the interior of the cover, easily cleaned with just a wipe. Next we use solid high density foam in all the thermal panels and body, to give the best insulation from cold and sound. Interior panels are covered with a strong / highly reflective fabric for better illumination within the chamber. We added additional viewing points so that panels can be opened for family and caregivers viewing of newborn: Top opens to view down on the patient, as well as the sides and rear. For those chambers with rear ports in their incubator, access is now available to the backside of the patient. Each side panel is double layered, one thermal panel and one clear vinyl layer so level of access and visibility can be choosen by care provider. Front clear panel velcro closes on three sides and has easy open pull tabs. Reflective trim and stripping provides better nightime visibility of patient, incubator and crew members. Mounting snaps provided with each hood cover.
See additional pictures below.

Both Thermal Hood Cover & Accessory Pouch are made from Strong Herculite fabric that won't absorb pathogens and can be wiped clean!!

Our Transport Incubator Accessory Bag Model # SS-612, hangs on the rear of various Transport Incubators and provides a convenient place to store needed supplies and equipment. The bag has a total of four interior pockets for organizing all different supplies: two back pockets are tall and are perfect for holding extra safety straps,vent tubings, laptop computer or surgical trays. The small pocket is mounted high on the left side and has a velcro flap for holding small items such as respiratory parts, heel warmers, pamphlets, etc. The full width front pocket is ideal for bulkier items such as linens, breast pump kits, or even Team members jackets. The whole bag can be quickly removed if needed and measures: 29.5" x 2.25" x 19.5". The slim design allows for easy passage through doorways. Reflective trim adds to nightime safety of patient and crew. Other features include: double heavy duty zipper pulls, easy wipe clean vinyl that won't absorb pathogens. This bag was designed by Transport personnel to provide years and years of reliable service. Color: Royal Blue w/ Silver Reflective trim.

Top of SS-600 Closed viewing panel

Side Double panels / Thermal & Clear vinyl

Model # SS-612
Two back pockets,One small, Large Front Pocket

Back panel opens completely for viewing & access
SS-600 & SS-612 Combined for Optimal Performance

Side panels of SS-600 Heavy Thermal Barrier / Pull Tabs

View into Transport Incubator for Family viewing & care

Model # SS-611
picture of sunshade folded.
Reflective Sunshade Protects and Comforts

Our protective Sun Shade SS-611 (pictured here to left) protects the top of the Neonatal Transport Incubator so the plexiglass will not be cracked or scratched. The Sun Shade is made of multiple layers of various fabrics and clear vinyls. Top surface and bottom surface are totally wipable clear vinyl for easy disenfecting. Bottom reflective surface,reflects more light into the chamber for better patient viewing by family and caregivers. Middle section is a dense shock absorbing foam and the middle outside layer is a blue heavy weight fabric. The Sun Shade protects the infant's eyes from direct overhead lights and sun when being moved throughout a hospital or between hospitals. Nylon straps in each corner of the Sun Shade allows for attachment to Airborne or GE brand Transport Incubators with high helicopter handles. Protecting the top of your incubator could save thousands of dollars in replacement cost of a cracked chamber hood. The best feature is that of shading the infant from overhead light, and reduction of noise from items being placed on top of chamber hood.