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Single Patient Use Device / 100% nylon


The STATStrap / SS-204-VOW is a convenient 4" labeling tab for marking venous intravenous lines as to what medication or fluids are being carried within them. These labeling tabs fasten around a single line or looped lines for organization. Where ever used, they provides a extra measure of safety and convienence when administering care to complex Critical Care patients. White bar area can be written on with "Sharpie" type marker. Use SS-204-AOW for arterial lines for complete coverage of all lines. Both  SS204 units can attach to velcro style material for secure placement onto a infusion pump, bed, IV pole or anywhere needed.
 Sold in packs of 100 units

SS-204 VOW (Venous) & SS-204 AOW (Arterial)
Both can be mounted to bed rail, pumps, or lines

Single Patient Use Device / 100% nylon
 VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries

Use our convenient pressure sensitive nylon adhesive strips  ( SS-601A) to mount the SS-204-VOW or SS-204-AOW to any surface. These strips are white nylon material that will stay in place until removed and can recieve all the SS-204 label strips. Sold in polybags of 100 strips. Remember these are 100% nylon, which will not absorb fluids and can be disenfected easily as well.
SS-204-VOW is color coded Blue for Venous Lines
SS-204-AOW is color coded Red for Arterial Lines
SS-601A White pressure adhesive mounting strips