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SS-512 Privacy Curtain Strap

SIMPLE .... and Efficient ! Tired of privacy curtains getting in the way? When you need it open completely these extremely handy wraps are there for you. Strap attaches to edge of curtain with two locking metal / nylon clips. Velcro fabric wraps around curtain and closes on itself. Easy open by pulling the tab. (Not  MRI suite compatible due to the metal clip) Easy clean all nylon fabric in universal white color. Does not require mounting to wall, perfect for curtains that need to be positioned in other positions.
Item # SS-512-C / 10 units / bag

SS-204-YC Patient Cable strap with Clip

This convenient strap holds all styles of monitor cables ( ECG, ETCO2, Pulse Oximetry, BP Cables) right where the caregiver can find them. Clips to bed linen with a highly positive clip that has to be manually locked closed so as not to accidentally harm patients. Available in highly visible red color so it is easily found. Sold in packages of 10 or 40. Can be used on many different types of cables all around the hospital.
Made of 100% Nylon & Metal Clip

SS-209-O Red Wrap around Cord Straps

STATStrap SS-205-O  and SS-209-O comes in either red or blue, these 5"  or 9" wraps are uniquely designed to attach to the power cord of medical devices so as to always be present when needed to coil up the excess cord to keep it out of the way and safely organized. Neatness is an important safety necessity when working in critical care, emergency, and transport  environments. Don't let your cords get snagged or damaged!
Made of 100% Nylon

SS205 and SS209 Organizes the ICU bedspace
Use for power cables, monitor cables, and disposable device readiness

SS209 and SS205 attached to power cords of pumps
Keeping the power cords gathered and organized

BEFORE.......... What a mess!

SS205 & SS209 Used for organizing showing a professional image

Use SS205 and SS209 for readiness of disposables
The SS205 can organize many disposables and durable supplies at the bedside

Our STATStrap nylon wraps can be used time and time again to organize the workspace to make the patient care environment safer and more ergonomic. They reduce staff frustration and help to put needed supplies and tools right where they need them. Remove the chaos from the bedside and allow the focus to be on treatment of the patient.

 VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries